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18+ Mustang Ported Intake Manifold Dyno Test | SURPRISING Results!

Ported Gen 3 Coyote Mustang Intake Manifold

  Does intake manifold porting actually do anything on a 2018 or newer Mustang 5.0L engine? (Full Video below)   Now we don’t mind admitting that ported manifolds have typically been considered one of those good modifications to do “while you’re in there”, and given that we’ve seen measurable gains on other platforms this isn’t […]

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Camshaft Only | Worth It For Hellcat? DYNO TESTED!

Camshaft Hellcat Charger Challenger

  Today we’re showing you how camshaft only performs in a Hellcat. (Full Video Below)   Now when you think first few modifications for a Hellcat, normally intake and pulley are at the top of the list. Given that this combination picks up over 100hp at the wheels it’s easy to understand why and since […]

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Are Drag Radials Killing Your Dyno Numbers?

Hellcat Challenger Radials.

 But they’re just tires, how much of an impact could they really have on dyno numbers? In this video, we answer that question by showing how not only tires, but also tire pressure play a MUCH larger role than most realize.Spoiler Alert! Both pressure and size/stlye make a big difference. If you’re planning on hitting the […]

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Hellcat: Ported Snout VS Full Ported Supercharger On Pump Gas DYNO TESTED!

Ported Blower Hellcat Vs Ported Snout

 Today we’ve got something really cool for you (full video below). Nearly every day we get the same question about our stage 2 package for Hellcat models, what’s better for pump gas only a ported snout with a stock untouched supercharger or a full port? This question is more loaded than it might seem at […]

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Game-Changing Stainless Power Headers For 2016+ Camaro SS & ZL1!

Stainless Power headers for 2016+ Camaro SS & ZL1:  Cheaper doesn’t always mean cheaper… The familiar adage of “you get what you pay for” rings true in many cases, but with the release of the all-new Stainless Power headers for the 2016+ Camaro by Stainless Works, a cheaper price no longer means cheaper quality!  Long […]

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What Is Flex Fuel? What It Is And How It Works Explained Simply!

E85 Flex Fuel Counter to how it may sound, Flex Fuel is unfortunately not the newest fitness supplement to hit the market.  However, it is a key technology that can aid you and many others in utilizing E85 fuel in your vehicle.  If you’ve recently read our latest E85 fuel overview article then you may […]

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