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2011 Subaru STi

    Paul brought his STi in for: COBB AccessPort Perrin “Afta-MAF” intake tube Perrin Cat-back Exhaust System Perrin Drop-in air filter. Paul’s STi picked up some healthy horsepower and his choice of exhaust really enhanced that signature Subaru rumble.    

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2004 Subaru WRX

This WRX came to us with some much needed grip in the powertrain area.   We installed: ACT Heavy Duty Clutch Kit ACT Streetlite Flywheel    This setup will ensure that the Subaru puts all the power down!    

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2010 Subaru Forester XT

  This Forester XT came in for install of: – Turbo XS Catback Exhaust System – Cobb AccessPort

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