Crazy Motor Swaps: LS1 Skyline and 2JZ Camaro

Editorial : November 25, 2008

I think I’ve officially seen it all…

Sure, swapping a Chevy motor into a fox body is old news, but how about a Chevy LS1 with a pair of turbochargers hanging off of it? In an R34 Nissan Skyline. Or how about the reversal of that and throwing a 2JZ-GTE into a First Gen Camaro. What the ‘eff is going on around here? I know this may be old news to some, but I’m going to cover the Skyline and a particular other vehicle anyways.

National Speed - LS1 TT Skyline Images

The GT Autosound LS1 TT R34. Might be a mouthful, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a handful as well. Some may call it a sacrilege, but I just call it badass. Do what you gotta do to make power in my opinion. Sure, you can make all the top end power in the world with an RB26, but since this car is used for drifting, it needs all the torque it can make. I do believe the Chevy LS1 fits that bill. Small block torque with a turbocharged punch up top? Yes please. 800+ lbs/ft of Torque FTW.

National Speed 2JZ Camaro FrontNational Speed - 2JZ Camaro Engine bay

If that wasn’t odd enough, how about a reversal of the last car. How about a fully built single snailed 2JZ-GTE motor from a MKIV Supra popped into a……..’67 CAMARO?! If the last one didn’t get people into an uproar, surely this one must. I have to honestly say though, regardless of powerplant, this is one of the cleanest works I’ve ever seen. Blending newschool with the oldschool, this EVS Motors built Camaro not only packs a 1,000+HP punch, but but also has a completely custom interior, Navigation, Power windows, Rear view camera, HIDs, and a completely custom sound system.

You never know what you’re going to find nowadays, and I’m curious as to what is to come of the future. I think in the future once people realize you can think out of the box for vehicle swaps there will be a surge of new powerplants in inconspicuous vehicles. LSX Powered 240sx?…. Mmmmmm.