Ecoboost: The Next Aftermarket Wave

Editorial : December 16, 2008

So by now I’m sure most of you know about this new Ecoboost motor that Ford is going to be throwing in half a million of their vehicles in the next 5 years.

Basically, the forever ingrained V8 motor that ford uses in everything is slowly going to be phased out. Know what this means: A V6 mustang. Holy shart, no V8? Blasphemy, you might say. I think otherwise. This isn’t to say that the V8 will go away completely, because of course you know that will never happen, but there is sure to be WAY less than there is now. The ecoboost family of 4 bangers and 6 cylinders features turbocharging and direct injection. Turbocharging? Oh yes.

National Speed - Direct Port Injection

The Premium motor (3.5 Liter TT V6) will produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 340 horsepower and 340ft/lbs of torque. Did I get your attention yet? Another added benefit of this new ecoboost shenanigans is that it will deliver up to 20 percent better fuel economy. Of course, this is depending on the way you drive. If you are a stranger to boost, it is very very addicting…

National Speed - 2009 Mustang Burnout

The 2.0 liter four banger is no slouch either, producing an impressive 275 Horsepower and 280ft/lbs. These numbers, while impressive, aren’t what I’m excited about. What I am excited about is POTENTIAL. Factory turbocharged cars have always been instant hits with tuners and any sort of aftermarket.

Hold on a second while I put on my flamesuit…Okay.

This may be a bold statement to some, but I think the new twin turbo V6 Mustangs are going to be the birth of the American Supra. Think about it: RWD, twin turbo V6. As long as Ford isn’t cutting corners in the motor/tranny compartment, I think that this thing will take off. Throw in some larger injectors, larger turbos (pr convert to single) and crank up the boost and see what happens.

My question however is: Is America ready for a V6 Mustang?