First Hybrid Convertible: Fisker Karma S

News : January 12, 2009

I may not be the biggest fan of hybrid automobiles, but it would appear my prayers have finally been answered. Fisker Automotive, the newest American manufacturer of green automobiles for aging hippies, has actually made a Hybrid that doesn’t look like a hulked out electric shaver.

Click to biggie-size for extra sexiness.

Not only is the Fisker Karma S the world’s first hybird convertible, it should provide drivers with 50 emission-free miles on a single charge from its lithium-ion battery pack. According to the official press release, “it’s [Fisker’s] belief that driving style and performance need not be compromised for environmental friendliness.”

Thank God, somebody finally gets it. I hope Toyota and its ugly Prius take note: it’s possible to save the environment and do it with a little bit of style!

But don’t strap on your Birkenstocks just yet eco-friends, saving the environment comes with a considerable price: the Fisker Karma S will retail for $87,000. Better start polishing your pennies and selling some hemp because this sucker doesn’t come cheap.