Flying Aerocar N103D: The Future is Now

News : December 1, 2008

Anyone that reads the National Speed blog knows that I’m a big fan of flying cars. I’ve been clamoring for flying car technology since I tried to pilot my way out of the womb (take my advice and wait until they cut the umbilical cord before trying to takeoff). Little did I know the Future is now…er…actually it’s been here since 1956 and nobody bothered to tell me.

Created in 1956 by Moulton B. Taylor, The N103D Flying Aerocar is powered by a 160 HP engine under the hood and has the rare distinction of being the only automobile certified by the FAA. With over 1,103 flight miles accumulated, the Flying Aerocar (isn’t that redundant — when something’s called an aerocar wouldn’t you naturally assume that it flew?) is currently for sale on eBay and can be yours for the low, low price of 3.5 million dollars.

Feel like flying the friendly skies on your way to work? Just attach the wings and propeller and you’re good to go. An informal inspection was conducted in 2006 to make sure the Flying Aerocar was in working order…not sure what an informal inspection means, but considering you’re paying 3.5 million dollars for the world’s only functioning Flying Aerocar, it’s probably well worth it.