Ford Interceptor Plans Derailed

News : January 13, 2009

For those of you looking forward to the stout and sleek Ford Interceptor, you can pretty much throw that idea out of your head.

National Speed - Ford Interceptor

J Mays, Ford’s design chief is officially saying that Ford Motor Company’s plans for a new RWD Sedan is done-for. Mays states that FoMoCo has “Other Priorities” and that “We’re going down a path right now that is all about fuel-efficiency”. Well, I guess that’s how it works then. Gas prices are on the rise again and it’s supposed to continue for quite a while, so fuel efficiency is now prime again. Sucks…I was looking forward to the Interceptor.

National Speed - Ford Interceptor Interior

Fuel efficiency isn’t such a bad thing. With Fords new Eco-boost motors, it seems that they haven’t completely killed the fun. The Twin Turbo 3.5 liter pumps out 340HP and 340lbs/ft Torque, so that’s no slouch for the displacement. If the V6 is any indication of power per liter, then I’m pretty excited for the potential of their smaller motors as well. I think that the POTENTIAL of any factory boosted motor is obviously going to do very well with the aftermarket, so I hope that Ford hasn’t made it impossible to modify.