Ford Unveils The New Pony: The 2010 Ford Mustang

News : November 18, 2008

Ford unveils the new iteration of its longtime flagship model, this time a bit more appealing.

National Speed 2010 Mustang Front

The new slightly Italian-esque Ford Mustang takes on a new look this year. Starting out with a minor facelift, the turn signals have been moved, the headlights are now more slightly curved for aerodynamic purposes, and that unsightly old school antenna has been removed.

The lower front fascia has new air deflectors to further enhance airflow, shooting air around the sides of the car, as opposed to underneath. New slimmer sideskirts smooth out the transition from front to rear. The rear end has been slimmed down and curved slightly forward, as well as the turn signals. Instead of the standard turn signals, the 2010 Mustang now has sequential turn signals.

National Speed 2010 Mustang Interior

You can’t blame me for saying so, but the interior of the last generation Mustang was dated craptastic for a new vehicle. Ford rose to the 21st century and finally redesigned the interior. Gone is the cheap plastic and cloth better suited for a 20 year old Yugo and is updated nicely with Brushed aluminum and Comfy leather.

The steering wheel has also been redesigned and is now reminiscent of the original Mustang. All of the original items on the dashboard that have been obtrusive or stuck up above the dash in any way has been recessed or mounted flush to preserve the new clean appearance.

As far as the motor goes, the 2010 GT retains the last generation 4.6L V8, minus being bumped up to 315hp and 325lb-ft of torque due to some intake reworking. A new “sound tube”(?!) has been added into the exhaust system, directing sound into the passenger compartment as well…. Well that’s pretty damn gimmicky if you ask me, but whatever works.

On the bright side, the hood has been expanded a bit to avoid any clearance issues when you slap a Twin screw supercharger on top of the motor. For WHATEVER reason, Ford STILL hasn’t replaced that archaic live axle suspension out back though. Traction control is nice, however.

National Speed 2010 Mustang Rear End

All in all, the new 2010 Mustang has made a big jump when compared to its predecessor. With the new redesigned interior and mildly facelifted exterior, as long as Ford doesn’t jump the price up the new generation mustang should sell very well.