Full Steam Ahead: British Steam-Powered Car Test Run

News : December 11, 2008

Those crazy Brits are at it again! Seeking to get their names in the record books for something besides bad teeth and crazy lingo* — “Balderdash!” “Bloody hell!” — the British Steam Team (hehehehe) have set upon breaking the land speed record for steam powered cars.

The steam powered “steamster” (patent pending) recently fired up its 360 HP turbine engine for a test run. This is all leading up to the official record breaking run which will take place at the Edwards Air Force Base in the near future.

The original steam-powered record stands at 127.66 mph which was set in 1906. Currently the British Steam Team (hehehehe) has their sights set on breaking that record with a whopping 170 mph. Hat tip to Jalopnik for the info (and for resisting the urge to use as many bad “steam” jokes as I did).

*The author apologizes for using stereotypes for the purposes of humor. It’s a slow news day.