Hellcat Redeye | Stage-2 + E85 package = 1,000HP!

Challenger | Dodge : April 29, 2022

We say it often, but we are undeniably living in the Golden Age of Internal Combustion Engines! And a prime example, is that our simple Stage-2+ E85 package is all that’s needed to take the Hellcat Redeye from 797hp to nearly 1,100hp! In this video, we go over all the ingredients and share the results!
Work performed:
• National Speed in-house PCM unlocking service
Stainless Works 3.00″ ID mid-pipe with EPA compliant GESi G-Sport GEN2 HO high-flow catalytic converters
JLT Performance 125mm cold-air intake system
Metco Motorsports 2.85” upper supercharger pulley
ATI Performance Products 10% overdrive lower supercharger pulley
TBA Machine 3.00″ dual-bearing supercharger idler pulley
TBA Machine 3.00″ supercharger tensioner pulley
• Pinned harmonic balancer
• Gates HD Fleetrunner Micro-V “Green” belt
Kong Performance ported supercharger & inlet port matched to 108mm throttle body
Kong Performance 108mm throttle body
• NGK Spark Plugs LFR7AIX spark plugs
MotoRad 180° thermostat
Fore Innovations, LLC L4 fuel system
Injector Dynamics ID1300x fuel injectors
HP Tuners Smart Access cable

• Custom calibration via HP Tuners