Homebrewed Replica Batman Tumbler

News : August 6, 2008

For the four of you on the planet that haven’t seen the Dark Knight yet, allow me to introduce you to the new Batmobile. Thankfully, you won’t find Adam West in skin-tight spandex behind the wheel, nor will you see current Batman Christian Bale searching for a throat losange in the cockpit (seriously, what’s with his voice?). This baby is a replica and it belongs to Bob Dullam, a man that I will worship for the rest of my life as the greatest do-it-yourself artist on the planet. Dullam, who’s a custom fabricator, has been working on the build in his garage using nothing but pictures and repeat viewings of Batman Begins on DVD for reference.

With the notable exception of the engine, rear axle and tires, every single part has been handcrafted. And what makes the build really unique is that he didn’t modify an existing car to look like the batmobile, he created it completely from scratch. If you remember, all of the previous Batmobiles were mainly just modified Ford’s and Corvette’s with specialized body kits. This is the real deal.

No stranger to custom fabrications, Dullam has also built fully-functioning replicas of previous Batmobiles, batsuits, and a lifesize model of Kiefer Sutherland from Lost Boys. That last part is no joke, either. He seriously has a lifesize replica of Kiefer Sutherland in his home. I can’t decide whether that’s scary or cool.

Hat tip to Jalopnik for originally breaking the story and to Bob Dullam and his badass Batmobile. For more pics on Bob’s work and to see what projects he’s currently working on click here. What I wouldn’t give to take that Batmobile out on the streets and pancake some bad drivers. If it didn’t get 1 mpg I’d start creating my own right now. But alas, I’ll have to stick with my Focus. Until next time readers, same bat time, same bat channel…