Indigo Blue 2019 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Challenger | Dodge : March 27, 2020

Ethanol in the tank, power stepped up, and dancing shoes on.

Last round, James brought us his Indigo Blue 2019 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat for an intake system from JLT Performance, 2.75″ upper supercharger pulley & billet idler from Metco Motorsports, ID1050X fuel injectors from Injector Dynamics, 2.00″ primary OD long-tube headers from Stainless Works, 180° thermostat from Mishimoto Automotive, upper & lower control arms from BMR Suspension, 3.25 geared 9.00″ rear-end conversion from Driveshaft Shop, all brought together with a custom calibration by Vlad via HP Tuners, netting 799.44whp & 726.08lbft on 93 octane.

This round, James brought her back in to squeeze out more power, and make sure it gets put down. After installing a fuel pump voltage booster from MSD Performance and filling the tank with E85, Vlad got busy dialing in the ethanol calibration. The result? 875.55whp & 810.71lbft! That's a gain of 76.11whp & 84.63lbft off just fuel alone! Side note, we'd love to see what this setup would do with a ported supercharger, throttle body, and another 1-2psi of boost pressure.

Then, with the new output dialed in, Alex got her sitting pretty on a drag pack from Carlyle Racing featuring WELD Racing S79 wheels (20×6 front & beadlocked 17×10 rears) with Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels Street S/S radials. It goes without saying, James' Hellcat is now one hell of a killer street car!

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