Missing Mustang Junkyard Discovered in Rhode Island

News : December 9, 2008

For all of you domestic owners out there, this is as close to heaven on earth as you’re likely to get.

Imagine this: you’re walking through the woods clutching your hunting rifle and six pack (because if you’re anything like me that’s what you do in the wilderness) and you come upon an amazing discovery the likes of which has never been seen.

What is it you ask? Jimmy Hoffa? Big foot? Nope. This is so much cooler than missing teamsters and mythical bipedal fur balls.

Heaven is a Rustang on Cinder Blocks

An undiscovered junkyard from the 70’s loaded with more classic Rustangs than you can shake a Hemi at (not that you can shake a Hemi, but you get the point) was recently discovered in Rhode Island.

This is great news for fans of classic cars and old Detroit muscle, but unfortunately there’s a catch: the Rhode Island Authorities, in all of their infinite wisdom, have decreed from upon high that the cars are to be crushed.

Gearheads seeking to make a pilgrimage to this automotive mecca will need to move fast and say a prayer for the Rhode Island Police Department to have mercy. Screw saving the trees, won’t somebody please think of the cars???

Hat tip to Jalopnik for originally breaking the story.