National Speed Quickies: Rocket Car, Lambocop, Tiger Woods Needs a Ride

News : October 24, 2008

It’s boring to read the news, that’s why National Speed is cutting out all the fat and giving you only the stuff that matters. No politics, sports, or world events — unless its automotive related. We understand that you’re busy people and don’t want to read boring introductory paragraphs (irony!) so let’s cut to the chase and give you all the news that’s fit to print and probably some that’s not…

Fox News is reporting that a British Rocket car powered by a jet engine is set to break the landspeed record. Commisioned by several divisions of the British government including the Ministry of Defense, the rocket could reach 1,000 mph in a record shattering 40 seconds. And even though it looks like a high-powered adult novelty toy, the rocket looks like it’d be a blast to drive…I’d just hate to see the gas bill on that thing. What’s a gallon of rocket fuel going for these days anyway? Probably about the same as Regular 87. Zing!

Tiger Woods may be putting from the rough when it comes to his endorsement contract with General Motors. The stalwart automotive company currently reeling from horrible economic conditions is considering whether or not to cut Tiger loose from his extremely lucrative contract after it expires in 2009. Lucky for Tiger he’s got a stable of free Buicks and Gatorade endorsements to last him through the economic apocalypse.

Lamborghini recently supplied the Italian State Police with a customized Gallardo LP560 for use as a squad car. With speeds upwards of 200 MPH, criminals are going to need a rocket up their tail pipe to outrun this mean machine.

And that concludes the this week’s National Speed quickie. Hope it was as good for you as it was for us. As usual if you have any news you’d like to discuss leave us a comment. Stay Classy!