New Godzilla Specs Released [GTR Spec V Specs]

News : January 8, 2009

Yep, it’s time folks. For a while now, the GTR Spec V has been speculated on more than Britney Spears or Oil prices. It’s officially official! Nissan released the scoop this week. Unfortunately though, it will NOT be sold in the US.

National Speed - GTR Spec V Front

So what does this Spec V have that the GTR doesn’t? Well first off check out that super sexy Black Opal Paintjob. Next up are those lightweight Forged Nismo Wheels (seen on the Tokachi 24hr Racecar). And sticking with the exterior, they also added a rear Carbon spoiler, grille and brake ducts.

National Speed - GTR Spec V Rear Seats

Moving inside, the most obvious change is the removal of the rear seats. The original GTR seats have been replaced with two carbon fiber Recaro buckets (Bucket seats, not literally buckets). Interior trim is now swathed in carbon fiber as well.

National Speed - GTR Spec V Interior

Performance-wise there isn’t much in the way over the stock GTR. A Titanium exhaust, Reworked suspension and Carbon-Ceramic Brakes are the main pullers here, as well as a new Overboost function which will increase PSI through the turbochargers for a limited amount of time (thank you, Porsche). I wonder if there’s a way to rig it up to “overboost” all the time.

National Speed - GTR Spec V Rear

Alrighty, so you basically got brakes, exhaust and a new paintjob and carbon fiber appointments. With all the weight reduction you figure it should be very planted and menace around the track. So…why do I not hold this GTR in as high regard as the original?

Quite simply, it’s the price. It weighs in at a whopping $169,000. Where in all of those modifications do you see what warrants the price being TWICE as much as the GTR? Sure, they added some neat stuff, but I really don’t see what warrants adding 90k to the price of the original. The reason the original GTR was so loved was for the affordability. For that much cash you’re in the price range of a Porsche GT3 or a Chevrolet ZR1 and could still have money left over.

Perhaps there will be justification for the price hike when the official times come out, but I highly doubt it.