New Nissan GTR Spec-V specs leaked?

News : December 2, 2008

Over the weekend, the Spec-V’s modification list was leaked to GTR-world. According to the leaked information, engine output for the Twin turbo 6 cylinder will increase from 478 to 520 forced induction ponies. The transmission select mode has been removed, leaving only the “Race” setting.

National Speed - Spec V. Front

One of the biggest downfalls of the Nissan powerhouse has been it’s weight. Weighing in at 3,814lbs, the GTR hasn’t exactly been a lightweight car. This problem has been somewhat addressed by the replacement of the backseat by a carbon fiber shelf, carbon fiber front seats, interior accents and aerodynamic aids. While it may drop weight a little bit, I don’t think that it will shed all that it needs to be considered a lightweight vehicle. Hopefully the new power and new overboost function will help out with that.

National Speed - Spec V. Rear

Ditched as well are the stocker brakes, being replaced by a carbon ceramic set hidden behind Rays 20 inch wheels wrapped in super sticky Dunlop tires (the same ones that set the supposed 7:29 Nurburgring lap time). The already very good stock suspension has been retuned by Bilstein and is claimed to be superior to the NISMO Clubsport package offered.

One thing that will be hard to cushion unfortunately is the price. Coming in at an estimated $165,000 before tax, that’s a whopping $95,000 more than the current GTR. Is it $95,000 better than the current GTR? Only time will tell until a truly official spec list comes out.