Running on Fumes: Grassroots.

Editorial : December 19, 2008

This is to you true grassroots guys (and gals). This is to those of you who scrounge up every last dollar and cent just to go visit the racetrack every month. This is to the autocrossers, roadcoursers, drifters, dragracers and rallycrossers. To those who value ducttape and zipties more than anything. To those of you who take a car worth a tenth of the cars you destroy at the track.

National Speed - Autocrossing Miata

Sure, there are enthusiasts of all types. There are Multi-million dollar factory backed raceteams, but I don’t personally think of them as “Enthusiasts”. Grassroots motorsports is all about having fun with what you got. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your backyard built driftcar or daily driver, it’s all about just going out. It’s understanding what makes a car not just an appliance. It’s about appreciation. Throwing your hoosiers in the backseat, filling the trunk with tools, driving across state lines for an event, kicking ass and driving back.

National Speed - Drifting FC

In my opinion, Grassroots drivers are the REAL enthusiasts.

This is to you.

To our readers, What’s YOUR grassroots discipline?