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Word of the Day: Farking Spot

Humor : November 26, 2008

Fans of all things small have something to celebrate today: the size doesn’t matter folks at MINI have announced a “Word of the Day” desktop widget. Cooper drivers rejoice, you now have daily desktop entertainment to accompany your MINI joyriding. Today’s word: “FARKING SPOT!” This is what happens when you think you’ve found an empty […]

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Why don't we get these? European Hot Hatches

Editorial : November 20, 2008

It’s just not fair. I’m not too sure why we don’t get hot hatches over here, but it’s just not fair. Take a look at the Ford Focus for example. Sure we have it, but over here, in all honesty it’s a box of fail (sorry Casey) compared to what already exists in Europe. At […]

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