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2011 Subaru STi

    Paul brought his STi in for: COBB AccessPort Perrin “Afta-MAF” intake tube Perrin Cat-back Exhaust System Perrin Drop-in air filter. Paul’s STi picked up some healthy horsepower and his choice of exhaust really enhanced that signature Subaru rumble.    

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1987 Buick Grand National

    Baseline wheel-horsepower and torque: 315.56whp and 374.32lbft on 20.82psi Post-work wheel-horsepower and torque: 331.51whp and 388.18lbft on 20.78psi Modifications are as follows; – Alky Control Grand National specific alcohol injection system – Custom dyno tuning This is one of the best condition Grand Nationals we’ve ever seen! It’s a beautiful car, with very high quality work performed. The best part? Mike actually drives […]

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2009 Mercedes C63 AMG – Longtubes

    Baseline wheel-horsepower and torque: 401.19whp and 358.91ftlbs Post-work wheel-horsepower and torque: 425.24whp and 400.00ftlbs (please note; current numbers are being generated prior to the ECU going through the learn process. Once this takes place over the span of a week or so, the numbers will increase) Neutral revs: Modifications are as follows; […]

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2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 – Supercharged.

  Baseline wheel-horsepower and torque: 445.38whp and 412.41ftlbs Post-work wheel-horsepower and torque: 563.51whp and 525.43ftlbs Modifications Performed: – Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger System   Some won’t admit it, while others embrace it, but there’s one thing every C6 Corvette Z06 owner wants; matched or more power than the mighty C6 Corvette ZR1. Kenny, the owner of […]

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2009 Cadillac XLR-V – Supercharged

    Baseline wheel-horsepower and torque: 354.40whp and 331.20ftlbs Post-work wheel-horsepower and torque: 447.83whp and 444.50ftlbs Modifications are as follows; – D3 Cadillac Stage-II intake system – D3 Cadillac ported supercharger lid – D3 Cadillac ported supercharger unit – D3 Cadillac intercooler – D3 Cadillac pulley system – D3 Cadillac longtube headers – D3 Cadillac/Corsa […]

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2008 Dodge Magnum SRT8 – Nitrous

    Baseline wheel-horsepower and torque: 357.59whp and 355.81ftlbs Post-work wheel-horsepower and torque: 457.74whp and 487.17ftlbs Modifications performed are as follows; – Nitrous Outlet 6.1liter HEMI-specific plate nitrous system – Nitrous Outlet fuel pressure safety system – Nitrous Outlet single-channel window switch – Nitrous Outlet -4AN nitrous filter – Nitrous Outlet 180° blow-down tube – Nitrous Outlet “Nano” nitrogen system (stabilizes […]

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2010 Hendrix Engineering Camaro

    Modifications performed are as follows; – Pedders Track-II Justice suspension system If you’re interested in a complete suspension transformation for your Zeta-chassis Camaro, look no further than Pedders! Whether it’s a Street or Track version, the results are incredible, and is a true world-class handling transformation.    

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2007 Mercedes E55 AMG – Longtubes

  Daniel’s 2007 Mercedes E55 AMG.   Modifications Include: – Eurocharged long tube header primaries and collectors – Fabricating a new X-pipe out of 3.00″ stainless steel.   The car ended up sounding incredible! Definitely not how you’d expect to hear an E55 AMG to sound.    

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