The Black Stig is Back!?

News : February 9, 2009

It has long been thought that the Black Stig was killed off when he dramatically drove off of the HMS Invincible aircraft in a Jaguar XJS and plummeted into the Ocean, never to be seen again. Alas, whether it be from advanced internal sense or just a long nap, the Black Stig has been located on home video, emerging from the murky depths.



You silly people should know that it is impossible to kill a Stig, regardless of color. A press release that accompanied the video states: “Until now, the original Stig from BBC Top Gear was thought to have been killed back in 2003, when he drove a modified Jaguar XJS off the end of HMS Invincible aircraft carrier at 109mph. The nation was shocked that the Stig was dead. However, recent footage has been found on YouTube showing that he miraculously survived.”

Whether it be a miracle or carefully calculated marketing move, The Black Stig has returned. You can’t help but get goosebumps whenever the Stig goes dashing off through the pier, turning the pilings into a Slalom, no doubt on his way to another adventure of vehicular mayhem. Welcome back, Black Stig. We missed you.