The SHO is GO!

News : February 12, 2009

The new 2010 SHO is finally revealed. With 365 force-fed ponies, paddle shifters and the aid of All-wheel-drive, the new Ford Taurus SHO is sure to excite…Ford guys with families need to have their fun too, right?

Using the 3.5 Ecoboost motor, the SHO delivers V6 fuel economy with V8 performance. While the car is pretty heavy, 365 Horsepower is no joke. All of that power is routed through a 6 speed automatic with selectshift.

That means that the usual slushbox won’t be too much of a tragedy, as up and downshifting can be controlled via paddle shifters. The selectshift tranny automatically revmatches on downshifts and will hold whichever gear you select even if you’re bouncing off the rev limiter.

Moving on to the Interior, it’s been updated quite a bit. The seats are leather trimmed and two-tone with Suede inserts. The dash and door panels are made out of bits of brushed aluminum, and SHO badges adorn the floormats and dash panel. No longer a bland and unappealing interior, inside the Taurus SHO is a nice place to be.

Base price for the Taurus SHO will be $37,995 when it goes up for sale during this summer. Even with a big price tag, you have to consider what you’re getting with that. High performance luxury doesn’t come cheap nowadays, and the SHO is a performance bargain when compared to it’s competitors. Ford is making a good choice reintroducing the SHO to the market, so let’s see how this plays out.