Top Gear's "Stig" Officially Revealed!

News : January 19, 2009

Yep, that’s it folks. The white horseman of Top Gear has officially been revealed. There’s been much speculation as to who the legendary “stig” is, and the cat is finally out of the bag.

National Speed - Ben Collins Stig

It’s 33 year-old Ben Collins! Ben Collins has raced everything from NASCAR and Lemans, to doing movie stunt work. Most recently Ben has been a test driver for racing manufacturer Ascari during the Ascari A10 development.

National Speed - Stig Ben Collins

Ben apparently let the secret out himself to an Art Gallery owner in Bristol, while trying to produce a limited-edition print of The Stig. Also, while doing work to Ben Collins’ home, a home builder found the games white suit and gloves on display. I personally wonder who got fired over this, because I doubt BBC is going to take this very well. I look forward to the latest episode of Top Gear to see what Clarkson and crew have to say about this.