Worlds Fastest Trailblazer SS For Sale

News : January 2, 2009

Tired of getting punked on the way to the Grocery store? Wanting to run 9’s at the dragstrip but take the kids too? Trying to take a weekend roadtrip and smash on a few turbo Corvettes along the way? Folks, if you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, I have your answer.

National Speed - RPM TBSS Exterior

The LSX Gods at RPM (RyansPerformanceMachines) in Garner, NC are selling their 4 door creation for a low, low price of $97,000. (zOMG!) That’s quite a bit of cash, but what do you get? Well first off RPM started with a pretty neat base, the rather Slept on Trailblazer SS. While coming stock with a 400 horsepower LS2, there is always room to improve. If I try to type out the mod list of what RPM did, I will run out of room on this page so I’ll stick to the most important bits.

National Speed - RPM TBSS Motor

427LSX Fully built Motor, cams, 2 stage Direct Port Nitrous, routed through a TH400 with transbrake and a stall. All of this equates to “Enough” horsepower and a 1/4 time of 9.27 @ 145. Woah now. I suppose I forgot to mention that this thing has a full interior and weighs in at a whopping 4625lbs. Regardless of all that weight, it still pulls out a 1.34 60‘ with the transbrake.

National Speed - RPM TBSS Interior

What makes this Trailvette(Or is it Corblazer?) awesome to me is the fact that all of the factory options work. Yes that means if you want to blast Micheal Jackson with the sunroof up and windows open while running 9’s, you can. (Please dear God don’t take that seriously, I’m sure the wind resistance at 145mph isn’t so nice.) Not only that, but it has 4 Kirky Fab racing seats with 5 point harnesses so you can charge for 9 second roller coaster rides. I imagine it’s street legal, due to working lights all the way around, but I’m sure street manners with the big stall and lumpy cam aren’t very fun unless you really get on it.

There’s a pretty nasty video of the TBSS in action.

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