2020 VS 2021 A90 Supra: Which Makes More Power TUNED?

Editorial | News : February 10, 2022

2020 GR Supra owners weren’t thrilled when Toyota gave the 2021 model a 47hp bump in the form of an improved engine just a year after launch. And while the 2021 outperforms the 2020 in showroom stock trim, what happens when each get the same upgrades and calibration? In that case, the choice is not so clear. SPOILER: one of them gained 145hp on 93 octane…

In this video, we put upgraded 2020 and 2021 GR Supras head-to-head! Both are equipped with our Stage-3 package, both calibrated by Vlad via EcuTek, both tested on the same dyno, and both completed just days apart with similar conditions. It’s the ultimate 2-port versus 6-port engine comparison!

Stage-3 package contents for both 2020 and tunable 2021 models below:

  • MST Performance Auto Parts air-intake system
  • Optional MST Performance Auto Parts turbocharger inlet
  • Extreme Turbo Systems down-pipe with EPA compliant GESi high-flow catalytic converter
  • Optional AMS Performance 3.00″ charge pipe
  • Calibration via EcuTek Technologies Ltd