What is Gymkhana?

Editorial | Gear and Tech : November 13, 2008


For those wondering, Gymkhana is basically a mixture of autocross and drifting, with other additional skillful maneuvers thrown in as well. Cones represent obstacles to navigate through. The “obstacles” involve many highly difficult driving maneuvers such as 360 spins, parking boxes, and figure eights…in other words my daily commute. For those of you talking trash about your epic driving skills in a parking lot, if you think you’ve got the guts, take it to a Gymkhana event and see how you stack up.

Ken Block took the Gymkhana idea a little further and created an insane course at El Toro air station in Orange County using everything around as an obstacle, including an aircraft hanger and a house. Vehicle of choice? 530AWHP Crawford tuned STi. Yep…that’ll do it. Four sets of tires well used in my opinion.