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2016 Ford Focus RS – 446HP

David’s Nitrous Blue 2016 Ford Focus RS is back in the shop to have the EcoBoost taken to the next level! The target? Mid-400awhp on pump gas.When this RS first came to us, it was completely stock, and for the first round of work we installed a COBB Tuning carbon fiber intake system, Mountune front-mount intercooler & piping, Stainless […]

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2017 Ford Focus RS – DSC Sport Coilovers

Superb handling is one of the many things the latest generation Focus RS is known for the world over. But for guys like Mike — who owns this beautiful Stealth Gray 2017 Ford Focus RS — superb isn’t quite surgical, and that’s what Archer is addressing by installing this amazing Tractive suspension system from DSC Sport! […]

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