Mopar: Naturally Aspirated Staged Packages for 6.4L Hemi Explained

Editorial | News : February 9, 2022

DYNO SHOOTOUT: Each of our Naturally Aspirated Staged Packages for 6.4L Hemi explained, installed & tuned, and put to the test back-to-back!
Follow along in the shop as we take this 2021 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack from showroom stock, to Stage-1, Stage-2, and Stage-3, with results highlighted throughout. Below are the contents of each Package covered:
Baseline Dyno - 430whp | 430 lb/ft
Stage-1 Package
JLT Performance Series-II air-intake system
• National Speed in-house ECU/PCM unlock (for 2015-2021 models)
• SmartAccess cable (for 2018-2021 models)
• Optional JLT Performance air-oil separator
• Optional MotoRad 180° thermostat
Stage-1 Results: Peak power output of 452whp | 458 lbft & maximum gains @ 4100RPM of 53whp | 65 lb/ft 
• All Stage-1 contents, plus:
• Stainless Works Stainless Power 1.875" primary ID long-tube headers
• OEM Mopar exhaust manifold gaskets
Stage-2 Results: Peak power output of 462whp | 464 lbft & maximum gains @ 4200RPM of 54whp | 67 lb/ft 
• All Stage-1 & Stage-2 contents, plus:
• COMP Cams Stage-2 HRT 273° camshaft
• COMP Cams phase limiter
• COMP Cams pushrods
• COMP Cams Beehive valve springs
• COMP Cams steel retainers
• COMP Cams locks
• COMP Cams spring seats
• COMP Cams valve seals
• NGK Spark Plugs LZTR6AIX-13 spark plugs
• OEM Mopar SRT Hellcat hydraulic valve lifters
• OEM Mopar SRT Hellcat engine oil pump
• OEM Mopar gaskets & seals
• OEM Mopar fasteners
• OEM Mopar coolant
• Mobil1 0W-40 synthetic engine oil
• Lucas Oil Zinc-Plus break-in oil additive
• Optional OEM Mopar SRT Hellcat 92mm throttle body
• Optional ported OEM intake manifold
Stage-3 Results: Peak power output of 488whp | 487 lbft & maximum gains @ 4300RPM of 81whp | 98 lb/ft (100 Degree Dyno Room Conditions)