Mopar: Naturally Aspirated Staged Packages for 6.4L Hemi Explained

DYNO SHOOTOUT: Each of our Naturally Aspirated Staged Packages for 6.4L Hemi explained, installed & tuned, and put to the test back-to-back!
Follow along in the shop as we take this 2021 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack from showroom stock, to Stage-1, Stage-2, and Stage-3, with results highlighted throughout. Below are the contents of each Package covered:
JLT Performance Series-II air-intake system
National Speed in-house ECU/PCM unlock (for 2015-2021 models)
• SmartAccess cable (for 2018-2021 models)
• Optional JLT Performance air-oil separator
• Optional MotoRad 180° thermostat
• All Stage-1 contents, plus:
Stainless Works Stainless Power 1.875" primary ID long-tube headers
• OEM Mopar exhaust manifold gaskets
• All Stage-1 & Stage-2 contents, plus:
COMP Cams Stage-2 HRT 273° camshaft
COMP Cams phase limiter
COMP Cams pushrods
COMP Cams Beehive valve springs
COMP Cams steel retainers
COMP Cams locks
COMP Cams spring seats
COMP Cams valve seals
NGK Spark Plugs LZTR6AIX-13 spark plugs
• OEM Mopar SRT Hellcat hydraulic valve lifters
• OEM Mopar SRT Hellcat engine oil pump
• OEM Mopar gaskets & seals
• OEM Mopar fasteners
• OEM Mopar coolant
• Mobil1 0W-40 synthetic engine oil
Lucas Oil Zinc-Plus break-in oil additive
• Optional OEM Mopar SRT Hellcat 92mm throttle body
• Optional ported OEM intake manifold

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