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The Forgotten Gem: Chrysler Conquest

Editorial : November 5, 2008

Low. Black. Popping. Crackling. Whistling. Half mechanic and half bionic, the Chrysler Conquest was a vehicle some revered in an almost mythical sense. The name itself struck a tone of confidence in an owner. Created by Mitsubishi, but being imported and sold under the Chrysler name, the Conquest is also often overlooked as one of […]

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National Speed Quickies: Killer Burnout, Lamborghini Unveils Estoque Concept, Chrysler Electric Boogaloos

News : October 7, 2008

It’s boring to read the news, that’s why National Speed is cutting out all the fat and giving you only the stuff that matters. No politics, sports, or world events — unless its automotive related. We understand that you’re busy people and don’t want to read boring introductory paragraphs (irony!) so let’s cut to the […]

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When the Dodge Challenger Came to Town

Editorial : August 28, 2008

Sometimes I have to remind myself I get paid to do what I do. Normally my typical morning at work consists of perusing MySpace and trying to remember what’s her name’s name, but this morning was different. Today I’m told that Scott Vandekerckhove, a representative from Chrysler with a name my spellchecker absolutely despises, is […]

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