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18+ Mustang Ported Intake Manifold Dyno Test | SURPRISING Results!

Editorial | News : May 5, 2023

  Does intake manifold porting actually do anything on a 2018 or newer Mustang 5.0L engine? (Full Video below)   Now we don’t mind admitting that ported manifolds have typically been considered one of those good modifications to do “while you’re in there”, and given that we’ve seen measurable gains on other platforms this isn’t […]

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Ford's New "Coyote" 5 liter Spotted in Mustang Mule

News : January 28, 2009

There’s much hype over the new 2010 Mustangs, and the most important part is the engine choices. There’s been a lot of gossip and smack talk about potential Mustang engines, and now you can add one more to the fire. 400 Horsepower sound good?

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