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What Is Flex Fuel? What It Is And How It Works Explained Simply!

Editorial | News : March 5, 2022

E85 Flex Fuel Counter to how it may sound, Flex Fuel is unfortunately not the newest fitness supplement to hit the market.  However, it is a key technology that can aid you and many others in utilizing E85 fuel in your vehicle.  If you’ve recently read our latest E85 fuel overview article then you may […]

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What Is E85? Benefits and Drawbacks of E85 Explained!

Editorial | News : February 25, 2022

E85 – Race fuel performance at gasoline prices! Have you noticed the new pump handles at your local fuel station that say “E85” and wondered what they are all about?  What if we told you that this is the key to unlocking more horsepower from your engine while also helping it run more efficiently, and […]

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