Vlad’s TX2K Preparation – 1,382whp & 975lbft at only 43psi!

Editorial | News : February 22, 2019

For the past several months, Vlad had his Quicksilver 1998 Toyota Supra 6-speed putting down ~1,250whp with a maxxed out Garrett GTX4508R -- and with that power level, he's been able to row gears to consistent 8.4x quarter mile ETs at 170mph (video here). Ready to kick it up for TX2K, Vlad installed a Precision Turbo & Engine PTE8685, and let her eat! The result is a new personal best of 1,382.15whp & 975.90lbft at only 43psi! To quote Vlad, "I want to keep it together for TX2K, then I'll see what she can really do at full kill."

Stay tuned as Vlad puts this car deeper and deeper into the 8s, chasing that 7-second slip!


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