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Even MORE Carbon Fiber Stuff

Uncategorized : December 30, 2008

Holy Carbon Fiber Crap, Batman! Yesterday’s article wasn’t nearly enough to cover the wondrous objects constructed out of this woven greatness. I found a few more things that are a little….out there. First on this list is something completely unnecessary, yet completely badass if you can afford it. Carbon Fiber Stairs. Say whaaat? This thing […]

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Cool Carbon Fiber Stuff

Uncategorized : December 29, 2008

They surely do make everything out of Carbon Fiber nowadays… I’ve chosen a few products from the guys over at Carbon Fiber Gear Direct to highlight: First off is CFG Direct’s super ballin’ Carbon Fiber wallet. With a sexy combination of Real Carbon Fiber and Soft Leather, this wallet is built to be durable. The […]

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Sparco Wingman Babyseat – Fun for the kids too.

Gear and Tech : November 19, 2008

You know, this may be an odd article, but I saw this and just had to cover it. This is one badass baby carrier.   Rory Craig of the Art Center College of Design has created a clever prototype for a new Sparco Babyseat. While not officially affiliated with Sparco, Rory is trying to pitch […]

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