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What is VIP? – Bippu Styling

Uncategorized : December 10, 2008

VIP or Bippu, is a somewhat new style of tuning that is slowly taking over the scene. Companies like Junction Produce, Auto Couture and Fabulous are starting to creep into US Car shows. What is VIP you ask? VIP cars are Japanese luxury cars such as the Nissan President, Toyota Celsior and Toyota Aristo. These […]

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Sparco Wingman Babyseat – Fun for the kids too.

Gear and Tech : November 19, 2008

You know, this may be an odd article, but I saw this and just had to cover it. This is one badass baby carrier.   Rory Craig of the Art Center College of Design has created a clever prototype for a new Sparco Babyseat. While not officially affiliated with Sparco, Rory is trying to pitch […]

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The Next Big Thing: Honda J Series Motor Swap

Gear and Tech : November 11, 2008

A 3.2 liter Honda? Honda motor swaps have been done every which way, and now thanks to Hasport, there’s a new direction to go. Hasport has just released their “j” series motor mounts for EGs and DCs (92-95 Civic/94-01 Integra/93-97 Del Sol). The J series motor is the same motor that powered most Acuras from […]

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The Forgotten Gem: Chrysler Conquest

Editorial : November 5, 2008

Low. Black. Popping. Crackling. Whistling. Half mechanic and half bionic, the Chrysler Conquest was a vehicle some revered in an almost mythical sense. The name itself struck a tone of confidence in an owner. Created by Mitsubishi, but being imported and sold under the Chrysler name, the Conquest is also often overlooked as one of […]

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