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The Next Big Thing: Honda J Series Motor Swap

Gear and Tech : November 11, 2008

A 3.2 liter Honda? Honda motor swaps have been done every which way, and now thanks to Hasport, there’s a new direction to go. Hasport has just released their “j” series motor mounts for EGs and DCs (92-95 Civic/94-01 Integra/93-97 Del Sol). The J series motor is the same motor that powered most Acuras from […]

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Bang for Your Buck: Cheap and Effective Performance Parts

Uncategorized : November 6, 2008

Cheap and Effective. Sound good to you? It sure does to me. It’s all about getting power for cheap nowadays. I think it’s time to go over some inexpensive but effective mods you can make to your vehicle for your budget build. Intake It’s pretty hard to drink something through a coffee stirrer, isn’t it? […]

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The Forgotten Gem: Chrysler Conquest

Editorial : November 5, 2008

Low. Black. Popping. Crackling. Whistling. Half mechanic and half bionic, the Chrysler Conquest was a vehicle some revered in an almost mythical sense. The name itself struck a tone of confidence in an owner. Created by Mitsubishi, but being imported and sold under the Chrysler name, the Conquest is also often overlooked as one of […]

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