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2020 VS 2021 A90 Supra: Which Makes More Power TUNED?

Editorial | News : February 10, 2022

2020 GR Supra owners weren’t thrilled when Toyota gave the 2021 model a 47hp bump in the form of an improved engine just a year after launch. And while the 2021 outperforms the 2020 in showroom stock trim, what happens when each get the same upgrades and calibration? In that case, the choice is not […]

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John Lipscomb: Calibration Assistant

Our-People | Richmond : March 24, 2020

John joins the National Speed Richmond team as Calibrations Assistant, equipped with a strong combination of passion for high-performance cars and professional racing & dyno experience! While studying at Nashville Auto Diesel College, he accumulated a broad variety of experience including working on Megan Meyer’s Top Alcohol Dragster for Randy Meyer Racing, various automotive technician jobs, […]

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Dylan Dupee: Performance Technician

Our-People | Richmond : March 21, 2020

Dylan’s first encounter with National Speed was with the Wilmington shop while he was stationed at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC from 2010-2014, and to quote him, “I was a customer to the Wilmington shop many years ago, and since then, it has been a goal of mine to work for National Speed.” After getting out […]

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TJ Payne: Performance Technician

Our-People | Richmond : March 20, 2020

A lifelong gearhead, TJ knew at an early age that he wanted a career working on cars, with an end goal of full-time high-performance work. As a result, he wasted no time and went straight to NTI out of high school, and then went on to pursue his career as an automotive technician. From there, he would […]

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2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII – 850HP

Lancer Evolution | Mitsubishi : February 25, 2020

Who doesn’t love a forward-facing turbocharger on an EVO? Clearly, Dale-John is among that crowd, and brought us his insane widebody 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII to make it happen!Up first in the shop, Andrew set up the built 4G63 with twin-scroll forward-facing manifold, down-pipe, dump-tubes, and hot-side charge pipe from Sheepey Race featuring a Precision Turbo & […]

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1994 Toyota Supra – Turbo Upgrade

Supra | Toyota : February 25, 2020

All the way from New York, Chris brought us his Renaissance Red 1994 Toyota Supra for some attention!Up first in the shop, Louis installed an AEM Performance Electronics Infinity 506 including a 70mm drive-by-wire throttle body & pedal assembly conversion designed by Vlad, AEM IAT, 3.5bar MAP sensor, 150psig oil pressure sensor, 100psig fuel pressure sensor, 3-port […]

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