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The SHO is GO!

News : February 12, 2009

The new 2010 SHO is finally revealed. With 365 force-fed ponies, paddle shifters and the aid of All-wheel-drive, the new Ford Taurus SHO is sure to excite…Ford guys with families need to have their fun too, right?

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Aston Martin’s New V12 Vantage

News : February 4, 2009

Aston Martin, purveyors of the automobile we’d most like to have sex with, have decided to take their oh-so-delicious Vantage and add 4 more cylinders. Read on for sexy pics of the Vantage, just be sure you’ve got some spare ice cubes around because this sucker is HOT!

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Even MORE Carbon Fiber Stuff

Uncategorized : December 30, 2008

Holy Carbon Fiber Crap, Batman! Yesterday’s article wasn’t nearly enough to cover the wondrous objects constructed out of this woven greatness. I found a few more things that are a little….out there. First on this list is something completely unnecessary, yet completely badass if you can afford it. Carbon Fiber Stairs. Say whaaat? This thing […]

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New Military Humvee Tire: The Honeycomb

Uncategorized : November 26, 2008

Forget you guys with your lifted trucks. You aren’t ballin’ hard enough if you aren’t riding on some Honeycomb wheels. The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Resilient Technologies have come up with a wheel that doesn’t need any type of Air pressure. Instead of rolling on air, you’re just rolling on a honeycomb structure. Oh, and […]

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