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First Hybrid Convertible: Fisker Karma S

News : January 12, 2009

I may not be the biggest fan of hybrid automobiles, but it would appear my prayers have finally been answered. Fisker Automotive, the newest American manufacturer of green automobiles for aging hippies, has actually made a Hybrid that doesn’t look like a hulked out electric shaver. Click to biggie-size for extra sexiness. Not only is […]

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Top 3 Hybrids That Make Me Want to Pollute the Environment – part I

Editorial : September 3, 2008

Why does saving the environment have to be so ugly? Is it a requirement that every hybrid has to look like something from a made for Sci-fi Channel movie? Every time I pass one on the street I half expect to find Casper Van Dien behind the wheel. Better technology is all well and good, […]

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