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Worlds Fastest Trailblazer SS For Sale

News : January 2, 2009

Tired of getting punked on the way to the Grocery store? Wanting to run 9’s at the dragstrip but take the kids too? Trying to take a weekend roadtrip and smash on a few turbo Corvettes along the way? Folks, if you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, I have your answer. The LSX […]

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Turbodiesels – Not just for your Truck.

Editorial : November 24, 2008

I honestly think the Turbodiesel is the way of the future. Countries with astronomic gas prices have been using them for years…why has it taken so long to catch on in the United States? The UK has diesel powered EVERYTHING and 40% of new cars sold are Diesel Powered. Sure, we have them in our […]

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World's Fastest Honda Civic for Sale on eBay

News : November 10, 2008

How many of you Honda guys WOULDN’T like to have the world’s fastest Honda Civic? What if I also asked how much you would be willing to pay to HAVE that title. That’s right folks, out of all the places in the world it could be, it’s for sale on eBay. Officially the World’s Fastest […]

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National Speed Christmas List: Performance Parts for Subaru Owners

Uncategorized : November 7, 2008

With Christmas time right around the corner, we here at National Speed have compiled a list of gift ideas specifically for Subaru owners. Factory Top Mount got you down? Stock Blow off valve just not cutting it? Perhaps you’re looking for some coilovers to slam your car and go terrorize a road course. Whatever your […]

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Bang for Your Buck: Cheap and Effective Performance Parts

Uncategorized : November 6, 2008

Cheap and Effective. Sound good to you? It sure does to me. It’s all about getting power for cheap nowadays. I think it’s time to go over some inexpensive but effective mods you can make to your vehicle for your budget build. Intake It’s pretty hard to drink something through a coffee stirrer, isn’t it? […]

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National Speed Performance Parts eStore Now Open!

Editorial : October 31, 2008

We’ve worked long and hard to bring you the best online shopping experience possible so check out the new National Speed Performance Parts eStore. Over the past few weeks we’ve worked closely with several car enthusiast forums and clubs to test the shop and gather feedback. As such, the team at National Speed has been […]

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