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Designed to Dig: Torsten’s 2009 Nissan Alpha Performance GT-R is Designed to Hit Low 8’s

Editorial | GTR | Media | Nissan | Projects : March 3, 2021

Many people dream of being able to cross the quarter mile line in under ten seconds, and now most days with enough determination and work you can make it happen. However, things start to change beyond that.   Torsten came to us with one of the greatest platforms for attempting the feat of a monster […]

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New Godzilla Specs Released [GTR Spec V Specs]

News : January 8, 2009

Yep, it’s time folks. For a while now, the GTR Spec V has been speculated on more than Britney Spears or Oil prices. It’s officially official! Nissan released the scoop this week. Unfortunately though, it will NOT be sold in the US. So what does this Spec V have that the GTR doesn’t? Well first […]

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