National Speed's Midnight Club L.A. Review

Media : October 30, 2008

Rockstar games has been on a winning streak this year with their juggernaut Grand Theft Auto 4 tearing up the sales charts as well as garnering critical raves, but it’s their lesser known Midnight Club franchise that really has us salivating here at National Speed. Featuring an amazingly detailed rendering of L.A. for you to […]

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National Speed Presents: 5 Ridiculous Car Stunts

Humor | Media : October 27, 2008

Every Monday on the blog we try to run a series of video clips that we think are funny, outrageous, or just plain cool. I say try because sometimes things come up and we’re unable to update on schedule. You know, like that whole work thing. Life would be so much easier without work. And […]

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National Speed Presents: 5 Funny Cop Clips

Humor | Media : October 13, 2008

In celebration of our upcoming Law Enforcement Dyno Day in November, National Speed presents 5 clips of Law Enforcement hilarity. Disclaimer: in no way are these clips meant to make light of Law Enforcement Officers, but rather the absurd situations that they sometimes find themselves in…Why do I suddenly have a sneaking suspicion that my […]

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National Speed Presents: The Automotively Challenged

Humor | Media : October 6, 2008

There are some people that were born to sit behind the wheel of a car. These are not those people… 1) Car Rotisserie. This is what happens when gearheads with too much spare time get inspired while stuck in front of the spinning chicken rack at Golden Corral. I can’t imagine anything else that would […]

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