Cobalt vs. Neon Dyno Day Event

Event Date: Saturday, January 29, 2011

National Speed Inc. is proud to play host for the Neon Vs. Cobalt – Dyno Day, Horsepower Contest, and Cruise Event from 11am – 4pm Saturday January 29th at National Speed Inc. We are located at 6779 Gordon Rd. in Wilmington, NC 28411. We would love to see everyone out here for a great time for this event. We will have free food during the event for lunch and raffles and prizes as well as trophies for highest horsepower forced induction and naturally aspirated. We will also have a trophy for the car that wins on the other end of the spectrum and makes the lowest horsepower number. Of course no Dyno Day would be the same without the lovely Speed Girls in full effect to help sign you up for Raffles! We look forward to seeing everyone out here to share in the fun!