National Speed: Mustang Dyno Day

It may have rained cats and dogs, but it’ll take more than a few inches of falling kittens and man’s best friend to put a stop to National Speed’s Mustang Dyno Day. Sponsored by Chris Durham and the awesome folks at the Wide Open Throttle Mustang Club, we ended up having over thirteen ‘stangs on our dyno with David Crawford and Ryan Strickland taking home trophies and t-shirts for Most Horsepower (forced induction and Natural). Awesome job guys and props for the sweet rides.

We raffled off over $1,500 in giveaways including contributions from Superchips, SCT and Shooter’s Choice. Local rock station 103.7 The Bone was on hand with fresh pizza, wings, and classic tunes to keep everybody company (can we please put a moratorium on ‘Freebird’ though? Love the song but if I have to hear it one more time). Along with all of the awesome Mustangs we also had a Ford GT in the garage that drew plenty of stares. If the keys had been in the ignition I’m not sure it would still be here. Don’t get any ideas though, I’m stealing it first and heading for Mexico so stay outta my way.

For more information and pics of their Mustangs head over to Wide Open Throttle’s forum and check ’em out. And if you’re interested in starting your own car club we’ll help you get started. National Speed will set you up with a website, provide forum support, club event ideas, and a meeting space in our Speed Lounge. Leave us a comment if you’d like more info.