Diesel Dyno Day

Saturday, September 20th marked National Speed’s first annual Diesel Dyno Day. In between coughing fits from all the smoke and chomping down on juicy burgers we ended up dynoing over ten massive diesels with John Porterfield taking home the most horsepower trophy (826.84) and Nate Eix claiming most torque (1020). Congratulations guys, but I still don’t think you have enough under the hood to take on my Ford Focus…Please don’t run me over.

The Speed Girls made their debut at the event, raffling off prizes, giving away free t-shirts, and keeping our technician John company. He needs that kind of ego boost. Just kidding, John…but not really.

Towards the end of the day smoke was flying everywhere with several of the trucks making over 800 horsepower and two of them maxing out the dyno’s torque reading. It was an awesome event with some serious diesel power on display. We really gave the dyno’s ventilation system a workout.

To see more pics from National Speed’s Diesel Dyno Day click here. Thanks again to everybody for showing up and making it a great event. We’ll see you guys at the next one!