Ecotec Dyno Day and Cruise-In Recap

On February 10th, National Speed was happy to have the East Coast Cobalts here for a Cruise-in and Dyno Day. Lots of ECOTEC powered goodness was here in various flavors, whether it be Naturally Aspirated, Supercharged or Turbocharged — We had it all. Seriously, you haven’t seen this much Cobalt since the last time you looked at the Periodic Table.

Around 8-9 Cobalts were in attendance, as well as 1 HHR SS provided by Marine Chevrolet of Jacksonville, NC. The free food started rolling around 11:00 and so did the rollers on the dyno. We served around 75-80 SpeedBurgers throughout the day and kept everyone happy in the rather warm weather.

Austin Daniels won the dyno competition with 279HP and walked away with a T-shirt, Trophy, and the satisfaction of having the quickest Cobalt in the parking lot. Although…I think that guy in the wheelchair with a Nitrous bottle on the back could’ve taken him. Power/Weight ratio FTW!

The East Coast Cobalt organization are a great group of folks that show a real enthusiasm for the car culture. We hope to host more events from them soon, and for those in the club that are currently in the Marine Corps, we salute your service!