Domestics vs Imports Dyno Day

There’s nothing better than hanging out with a group of car aficionados killing time and talking shop. Throw in a smoking hot Dodge Viper SRT10, 600 horsepower Nissan 350Z, and a slap-your-momma C6 ZO6 Corvette into the mix and you’ve got yourself one hella good Dyno Day. It just goes to show that in the presence of true automotive greatness, even Domestic and Import owners can get along.


Not pictured: the 300 plus crowd of people staring open mouthed and drooling.


Oh wait, there they are…

The crowd gathered around the dyno looked like a zombie horde in search of a shopping mall to feast on. Ham-fisted Dawn of the Dead reference aside, the dyno saw some serious action with Jason Pipkin’s Supra rolling out with a crowd pleasing 762hp, James Smith’s Corvette putting down a ballin’ 801hp, and Chris Crawford’s Trans Am throwing down 827 galloping horses. Actually, 827 is more than a gallop…I couldn’t go that fast if you shoved an ACME rocket up my ass.

Special mention to National Speed’s very own Chris Polanski and his’96 C4 Corvette which pulled a blistering 906 horsepower on the dyno. Unfortunately, you work for us Chris so no prize for you. Maybe next time.


Chris Crawford (left) and Jason Pipkin (right) took home trophies for highest horsepower.

As always, thanks to everyone for coming out. Domestic vs Imports was one of our must successful Dyno Days yet and we hope to see you back at the shop on February 7th for the ECOTEC Cruise-In and Dyno Day.

ecotec-dyno-day-flyerClick to Biggie-Size.

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