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2018 Mustang 1,000HP Package

Ford | Mustang : May 28, 2019

’18 Mustang // Turn-Key Package // 1,000+ Horsepower: That’s what Barry was looking for when he brought us his 2018 Ford Mustang GT A10, and that’s exactly what we delivered. It’s no secret that these Gen-III Coyotes are one of the strongest modular Ford engines ever produced. Rewind just 10 years ago, and such a […]

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The SHO is GO!

News : February 12, 2009

The new 2010 SHO is finally revealed. With 365 force-fed ponies, paddle shifters and the aid of All-wheel-drive, the new Ford Taurus SHO is sure to excite…Ford guys with families need to have their fun too, right?

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Top 5 Worst Car Names

Humor : January 26, 2009

What’s in a name? Plenty. Take for example the fictional British spies James Bond and Harry Palmer. There’s a reason why everyone remembers James Bond and nobody has a clue who Harry Palmer is (I’m sure it doesn’t help that Harry Palmer sounds like someone addicted to self-pleasure). Bad analogies and juvenile sex jokes aside, […]

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Ford Interceptor Plans Derailed

News : January 13, 2009

For those of you looking forward to the stout and sleek Ford Interceptor, you can pretty much throw that idea out of your head. J Mays, Ford’s design chief is officially saying that Ford Motor Company’s plans for a new RWD Sedan is done-for. Mays states that FoMoCo has “Other Priorities” and that “We’re going […]

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