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2006 Honda S2000 – Supercharged

Projects | S2000 : December 20, 2018

2006 Honda s2000 A customer recently brought us his 2006 Honda S2000 to have it dialed in by Vlad on the dyno. These F20C/F22C engines are already impressive in factory form, but add a little boost into the equation, and they really come alive. National Speed is no stranger to these engines and we were […]

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What's power without control? – FWD Traction

Gear and Tech : November 21, 2008

All too often people seem to forget that having lots of Horsepower is absolutely useless if you can’t put it to the ground. Unless you’re building a show car or a dyno queen, if you can’t get the power down, what’s the point? While all of this is generally up for debate, I believe you […]

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Make Your Minivan Sexy: Mugen Body Kit For Honda Odyssey

Gear and Tech : November 14, 2008

A van with sex appeal? Yes, please. You know, I’ve always thought the best bet was to go hang out in front of Walmart in my moms minivan to pick up chicks. I guess there isn’t much appeal to a fat guy with an Afro chilling in a rusty 1982 dodge caravan. It appears Honda […]

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Acura NSX: The Everyday Supercar

Editorial : November 12, 2008

The NSX. First off, back to basics. We all know the Mid-engine NSX (“New Sportscar eXperimental”) was rare to begin with, and with a price of 85,000 greenbacks, it wasn’t exactly in everyone’s price range. The Acura NSX was set to be the everyday supercar. The NSX had a cutting edge ultra-rigid and ultra-light aluminum […]

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The Next Big Thing: Honda J Series Motor Swap

Gear and Tech : November 11, 2008

A 3.2 liter Honda? Honda motor swaps have been done every which way, and now thanks to Hasport, there’s a new direction to go. Hasport has just released their “j” series motor mounts for EGs and DCs (92-95 Civic/94-01 Integra/93-97 Del Sol). The J series motor is the same motor that powered most Acuras from […]

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World's Fastest Honda Civic for Sale on eBay

News : November 10, 2008

How many of you Honda guys WOULDN’T like to have the world’s fastest Honda Civic? What if I also asked how much you would be willing to pay to HAVE that title. That’s right folks, out of all the places in the world it could be, it’s for sale on eBay. Officially the World’s Fastest […]

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