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Deeper into the 9’s with Sean’s 860WHP 2016 Camaro SS

Camaro | Chevrolet | Dyno | Editorial | Media | Projects : March 2, 2021

 Deeper into the 9’s we go, with an assiduous quest for 8’s!Sean has been a long time National Speed client and GM performance car fanatic, owning and restoring a gorgeous 1964 Nova SS, and for the past couple years, his dedicated performance car, a Mosaic Black Metallic 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS.  For the latest evolution of […]

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The 2010 Hennessey Camaro: 705HP Supercharged LS9

News : January 12, 2009

Hennessey, of Twin Turbo Viper and SRT fame, has got their hands on a 2010 Camaro already. A supercharged 6.2 liter LS9 fuels the new Camaro (dubbed the HPE700) and it pumps out 705 horsepower and 717lb/ft torque routed through Michelin PS2’s (not PlayStation’s) wrapped around lightweight HRE wheels. Slowing down the Camaro is a […]

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No Pistons, All Rotor: Brandon Wiggins FC RX7

Editorial : December 18, 2008

Poise and Balance is something we forget about every now and again. When building a car, a lot of people overlook balance and attack everything with brute power. Brandon’s FC RX7 is the underpowered underdog nipping at the heels of cars with over twice the horsepower. After having a mildly built ’67 Camaro, Brandon already […]

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Missing Mustang Junkyard Discovered in Rhode Island

News : December 9, 2008

For all of you domestic owners out there, this is as close to heaven on earth as you’re likely to get. Imagine this: you’re walking through the woods clutching your hunting rifle and six pack (because if you’re anything like me that’s what you do in the wilderness) and you come upon an amazing discovery […]

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